What are the conditions of entry to the course?

The specific conditions of entry to the croupier course are:

  • 18 years old or over
  • Have a clean criminal record
  • To have a good overall appearance
  • To be reasonably good at mental arithmetic’s
  • To be able to distinguish colours
  • To have a reasonable degree of manual dexterity
  • To have the ability to get on well with different types of people
  • Well motivated at all times during the training

If you meet these requirements, then you have a good chance of being accepted onto the course. This training is ideal for those people seeking a new and exciting career path and are looking for something different to a normal 9-5 job.


How long is the training course and what will I learn?

Each training course runs for eight weeks. Normally, the course runs Monday – Friday from 1pm until 9pm.

You will learn everything that you need to know to become a croupier, including:

  • The rules and etiquette of each game commonly played in casinos, including Roulette, Blackjack, Three card poker and Texas Hold-em
  • How to control and run the games in a casino environment
  • How to collect and pay bets from customers
  • How to open and close the tables at the beginning and end of games
  • The skills of mental calculation and manual dexterity needed to run each game efficiently and effectively.
  • The regulations and legal framework which govern the gaming industry
  • The psychology of the players and some of the superstitions that influence their behaviour.

The training is nearly all practice based, using real Roulette wheels, card tables etc. You are learning in an environment which as close to the experience you will have in a real casino as possible. The training is intensive, but also fun. You will learn all the skills that you need to become a croupier, providing that you are willing to work hard. Towards the end of the training, you will also be given help to write a C.V and be given coaching to enhance your career prospects. All of our trainers have had many years experience themselves working in casinos, so they are able to teach you exactly what casinos expect. This, together with our ability to guarantee you a job as a croupier at the end of your training, is what distinguishes CCA from other providers of training in this field. We pride ourselves on the high quality of our trainees, and this is recognised in the casino industry.


What career prospects will I have after my training?

The casino industry offers very good career prospects. Once you have gained some experience, there will be opportunities to apply for promoted posts such as inspector, pit boss and a variety of management posts.

Of course, there are casinos all over the world, so there are also opportunities to work as a croupier abroad or on the large number of cruise ships currently operating, most of which have a casino on board.


How are you able to guarantee me a job at the end of the course?

Our training is recognised in the casino industry as being of very high quality, so our trainees are always in demand.

We have built up excellent partnerships with many casino groups and we are in regular contact with them, so we know what they are looking for. Likewise, they know when our training courses will be finishing and they inform us of their vacancies. Sometimes, but not always, we are able to offer you a choice of location. Of course, once you have a couple of years’ experience, you will be able to apply for jobs in a wide variety of locations.


Experienced and skilled croupiers are always in demand

In the 10 years that we have been operating, we have not experienced any problems in placing our trainees in jobs and have been able to find employment in a casino for all trainees who have completed the course.

At CCA we take pride in the quality of our training. Training takes place over an intensive eight week period, using proper casino equipment. The training is 95% practice based, so the trainees are skilled and ready to start work once their training has been completed. We also put a significant emphasis on good customer service standards, so that our trainees are not only technically proficient, but are also mentally and psychologically prepared for working in a casino environment.

Because we put so much emphasis on quality, we restrict the number of trainees on each course to a maximum of 15, in order to ensure that we are able to give sufficient personal attention to each participant. All of our courses are run by trainers who have worked in the casino industry, and our Head Trainer has worked at all levels from croupier to pit boss for over 13 years before joining Cerus Casino Academy.

If you wish to enrol on our course, have any questions related to our training or you would like to visit the Academy before you decide, please email or call the number provided.


Upcoming Course dates

Our Manchester academy:

Currently, we have no croupier training courses scheduled at our Manchester Academy.  For the foreseeable future, we will refer any potential trainees to our training academy in Brussels.


How much does the training cost?

There are two different ways to pay the UK based croupier training course fees:

Option 1:
SPECIAL OFFER: Pay the full amount of the training fees on the first day of the course and you will qualify for a £200 discount, meaning you will pay the reduced price of £2500.  This payment approach requires a £500 deposit to be paid twenty one days before the start of a course followed by a £2000 on the first day of training.

Option 2:
Instalments: For UK based British trainees we have introduced the following payment option. This requires a £500 deposit to be paid twenty one days before the start of a course followed by a £1000 payment on the first day of training followed by twelve monthly £100 instalments beginning the month following the end of the course. With this payment method, the course fees total £2700.

The training team is composed of full time permanent trainers all from a professional background within the casino Industry. They have many years experience within English and overseas casinos. They also teach you self discipline and manual dexterity, qualities that are essential to become a successful croupier.

If you wish to enrol on our course, have any questions related to our training or you would like to visit the Academy before you decide, please call the number provided.



For further information please call 0161 236 6442 or email: