What is a croupier?

A croupier operates and controls the games that take place in casinos. Traditionally, these are Roulette, Blackjack and Poker, although many casinos also offer a variety of other games as well.

The croupier ensures that the games they control run smoothly,  efficiently and that they take place in a friendly and relaxed manner.


What qualities and qualifications do I need?

You do not require any formal qualifications to become a croupier. At the end of the course you will receive a certificate and your gaming  license from the UK Gambling Commission. You will then be fully equipped to start work in a casino.

Traditionally, casinos seek a balance between female and male employees, so the career is equally suitable for women and men. There are, however, certain qualities that are needed to become a good croupier. These are:

  • To have a good overall appearance
  • To be reasonably good at mental arithmetic’s
  • To be able to distinguish colours
  • To have a reasonable degree of manual dexterity
  • To have the ability to get on well with different types of people

Working as a croupier demands accuracy, discipline, calmness and discretion. You will find that these skills are developed whilst you are training, and at the end of the course you will have obtained all the technical skills and mental attributes needed to undertake the role of croupier, providing that you have the motivation to succeed.


What kind of salary can I expect?

Once you finish your course and start work, your basic entry level starting salary will be in the bracket of £13,950 – £19,500 per year plus tips. It really depends on which casino and town or city you are working in.

Once you gain more experience, you can expect to see your salary rise progressively. Most casinos increase salaries after about six months by 10 – 20%. Further enhancements to you salary can be achieved by promotion, by working in London (where salaries are substantially higher), working abroad or by working on the cruise ships.