Hello, we’re Cerus Casino Academy

We were established in 2003 to provide quality training for croupiers and slot machine technicians. We now operate from thirteen different training locations. Paris, Bordeaux, Marseille, Lyon and Strasbourg in France, Manchester in the UK, Brussels in Belgium, Madrid in Spain, Rome, Milan and Sardinia in Italy, Nicosia in Cyprus and further afield we have now established a training academy in Mexico City.

We are the leading croupier training agency in Europe. With over 13 years of experience training croupiers we offer a high standard of service, after eight weeks of practice based training, we guarantee a job in a UK casino. The knowledge gained from training can directly be applied to professional life. After training, croupiers will then be ready to break into the 140+ casinos in the UK.

Your job prospects are made easier thanks to the partnerships between various casinos and CCA. We are highly involved with helping employment in the North West and throughout the UK.

At CCA we believe in providing everyone with equal opportunities. Trainees from all around the world come to train in Manchester. With the help of a bi-lingual teacher we provide English lessons, broadening the trainee’s opportunities. We have a reputation for training our students to a very high standard and our trainees are in great demand once they have completed their training course.

If you are a casino and have vacancies for croupiers, or are likely to have vacancies in the near future, we can help you to find high quality, fully trained staff. Because we recognise that staff recruitment is such a key factor in your business, the CCA training team offers a special service, acting as a bridge between recruitment officers and candidates, to help you find the right personnel for your establishment.

This service is completely free of charge for your business. All applicants for our courses are fully vetted, and will have a current UK Gaming Board licence before they complete their course.